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How to Effortlessly Sell Your Real Estate Property at Auction

July 1, 2022
5 Min Read

If you want to sell your Real Estate Property, it doesn’t need to be complicated. At Bright Star, with each step of the way, we make the auction process headache-free and effortless. In fact, it’s our priority to handle all the hard work while you sit back and relax.

To find out how we simplify selling your Real Estate Property while putting money in your pocket, follow along with our five simple steps.

1. We Take Plenty of Time to Advertise

We said it in our last blog post, and we’ll say it again: timing matters. At Bright Star, we’re big into advertising—but for Real Estate Auctions—our marketing methods are far more effective with at least 4-6 weeks of prep.

Before you contact us, consider how much time you need to sell your property.

Do you have a deadline in mind? Be advised that even after the closing date, there is typically a 30-to-45-day period until you receive the auction profits.

With a 4-to-6-week timeframe, we target local Real Estate buyers by:

  • Taking pictures and creating videos of your property
  • Advertising in local publications and on our website
  • Sending direct mail marketing campaigns to landowners surrounding your property
  • Initiating a cutting-edge social media campaign

For an extensive overview of our local marketing methods, read 5 Reasons Why Our Advertising Methods Help Your Auction Succeed.

2. You Call — We Answer All Your Questions

After you’ve decided how much time you need, the second step to selling your Real Estate Property is giving us a call. Once you’ve gotten in touch with us, one of our agents will contact you and go over your motivation for selling.

This part of the process involves inspecting your land, taking notes, and figuring out the best recommendation to sell your property.

-Do you need to liquidate your property?

-Are you hoping to downsize?

-Do you need to split your land into sections to earn more profit?

With our expertise, these are all questions that Bright Star will answer following your initial call.

3. We Provide Professional Property Evaluation

Evaluating your assets—whether you’re selling empty land or land with a permanently attached building—is an important part of the pre-auction process.

If that sounds complicated, no worries, Our Bright Star team includes licensed auctioneers and real estate agents. Our combined qualifications mean that we take care of auctioneering and realty to sell your Real Estate Property. We also contact any necessary third parties, like banks, local title companies, and surveyors.

Basically, the work is on us after you’ve given us a call.

For a bare lot of land, we contact local surveyors to decide if splitting the land into sections could maximize your returns. Many times, we also conduct soil tests because the quality of your soil just might increase the value of your property.

When considering a property with a permanently attached building—or multiple buildings—we appraise both the land and the building(s). For your benefit, we strive to make the most out of every piece of property. Once again, if dividing your property increases your profits, we put a lot of thought and research into where we draw the lines in order to stay legal and maximize your return.

Aside from our professional property surveillance, all the paperwork is our responsibility.

Yes, really. We weren’t joking about you relaxing.

You’ll need to be available on the day of the auction to sign the closing agreement and necessary contracts; but otherwise, we’ll meet with a local title company to take care of the paperwork before and after the auction.

4. We Make You the Most Money Possible

The most vital component of selling your Real Estate Property is the location. But when it comes to selling Real Estate Properties, every situation is unique.

We offer solutions depending on your location and regardless of your location.

Even if your location isn’t ideal, we see it as our job to make advertising and selling your Real Estate Property possible. We want you to get the most out of your auction. That’s why we contact landowners surrounding your property and customers on our Real Estate Buyers’ List.

Additionally, we are members of the MLS—Multiple Listing Service. This connection means that not only do we post a standard auction listing on our website, but your Real Estate Property can also be broadcasted on third-party sites.

Placing your real estate on the MLS, puts it in front of buyers searching for a property like yours on Zillow, Trulia,, and many other real estate search sites.

Furthermore, our online bidding and phone-in options make it feasible for buyers to enter their bids from legitimately anywhere.

If your property is made up of land and buildings, we host an open house for interested buyers. When buyers receive close-up interaction with your Real Estate Property, they envision themselves purchasing and utilizing it as their own. For that reason, despite the size or site of your property, the chances of a sale increase.

When selling your Real Estate Property—from remote to urban locations—we make publicity our primary concern. We never want you to worry about not selling your property and receiving maximum returns.

In the words of Nate Lehman, a current Bright Star Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker, “We see ourselves as problem solvers. People call us because they have a problem, and they want it gone or sold.”

5. Sign the Purchase Agreement & Wait for Your Profits

The last step of selling your Real Estate Property at auction is the closing. On the auction date, you will need to be unoccupied to sign the purchase agreement and any other documents.

However, after signing, you simply wait for your returns. Usually, the closing process takes around 30-45 days while the new owner gets the property financed.

If you’re wondering how much of the profits you receive, our commission varies depending on the services provided. We charge more when we use the Multiple Listing Service because it increases the scope of our advertising. However, we only use the MLS per your request. Overall, we provide competitive commission rates.

Simply put, after the auction, your Net Worth looks like this:

  • Total Returns – Bright Star commission, marketing, closing fees (received at closure).

In other words, your Net Worth is the amount of money you made selling your Real Estate Property minus the cost of our services. Fortunately, with our effective advertising methods and collaboration with other professionals, extra earnings are likely.

Start the Conversation

From advertising to selling your Real Estate Property at auction, our goal at Bright Star is to deliver solutions that put more money in your pocket than in ours.

Additionally, no matter where you’re located, our combined experience and expertise provide the opportunity to sell your Real Estate Property—effortlessly. In other words, we manage the workload of advertising so that you can capitalize on your Real Estate Property with peace of mind.

Because as professional auctioneers and real estate agents, we want to do more than sell your Real Estate Property. We want to offer returns that outlast our services.

Call us at (574) 825-0704 to get started today!

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